Free Starbucks & Last-Minute Gifts

Come celebrate with me over at my Facebook page, where I’m giving away four Starbucks gift cards, in honor of hitting over 400 page likes! Today (Saturday) is the last day to enter, so don’t wait! Tell me your favorite coffee treat, or coffee-related treat. Or just say hi — I’m flexible!  🙂




Then, head over to N. N. Light’s Book Heaven, where they’ve rounded up the Best Books of 2018 into a last-minute stocking-stuffer gift guide. And don’t forget their BIG Holiday Gift Guide, where you can find all the books, for all the gifts!!

Awards & Giveaways

As usual, I’ve got several different giveaways to share with you (one of which ends TODAY), plus a great free cookbook download from my publisher (The Wild Rose Press), as well as N.N. Light’s Book Heaven’s Holiday Shopping Guide (which my book is in, of course!).

To read all about any of the above, including the other giveaways going on now, check out the latest edition of my Very Occasional Mailing List. And if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest with me or my books, please subscribe — I’m clearly better at sending those out (very occasionally!) than I am about updating here (uh… almost never?? 🙂 *sigh*).

And speaking of N.N. Light’s Book Heaven, I have some very exciting news: DEBRIEFING THE DEAD is a finalist in the Paranormal Romance category of their 2018 Book Awards!! My book was chosen as a finalist from all the 5-star reviews, and the winners in all categories will be announced on Tuesday December 18, 2018. I’m so excited and honored! Woot!  🙂