DAMNING THE DEAD Release Day Party!

I can’t believe it’s almost here!! Join my reader group now so you won’t miss the fun! Fourteen authors are giving away books and other prizes to celebrate the release of DAMNING THE DEAD (Book Three of The Dead Series) on January 5, 2022!

We have an AMAZING line up of authors! Here’s the schedule, if you want a preview:

Jeff D. Ellis ~ 4:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Bob Herold ~ 4:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Tena Stetler ~ 4:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Dan Rice ~ 4:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
McKenna Dean ~ 5:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Hunter Skye ~ 5:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Pamela Thibodeaux ~ 5:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Shelly Chalmers ~ 5:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
Theresa Finn ~ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Augustina Van Hoven ~ 6:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Janet Raye Stevens ~ 6:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Anna M. Taylor ~ 6:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
Sally Brandle ~ 7:00 PM PACIFIC TIME

Hope to see you all there!!!

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