What About These Book Thingies?

For a brief history of my past writing interests, see my Who page. Or, read on, to see where I am now.

As with most writers, this has been a long and still-evolving journey. In some ways, though, it was inevitable. My parents, who referred to themselves as “retired hippies” (not “ex” — retired! ;)), raised me on a steady diet of intelligence, science, and culture. We spent a lot of time in museums, watching star shows, or camping around the Northwest, the Rockies, the Southwest, and Texas. We also made many trips to the Midwest, from whence both of them hailed (I have family all over Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and probably a few other states in that area, too), and one trip to the East Coast when I was eleven that I still remember vividly. Not to mention the two trips to England, and one that extended from France, through Switzerland and Italy, down into Greece and Crete.

Basically, I’m a comfy, hometown Northwest girl, with enough experience outside my region to know this is where I want to stay, but which also whets my appetite for more. Man, if I had the money and the time…!

But I don’t. So, how to indulge my love of other lands? My thoughts on the Ancients and their cultures, religions, beliefs, that often diverge, but frequently con-verge, on what we think is “true” in the West? How to “travel far and wide” without leaving my living room (or, in good weather, my deck)?

Easy. Assemble all the interests mentioned above, add them to the skills developed writing what I wrote before, and voilà! You get a paranormal romantic mystery suspense, that I like to call “Indiana Jones meets Stephanie Plum.”

More soon about that. Like me as a writer (and a person! ;)) this page is a work in progress. But this is a good start…!