Where Do I Do Whatever It Is I Do?

I was born in British Columbia, Canada, to American ex-pats who moved back to the states shortly thereafter. (My dad was — kind of — on the lam from the FBI, and my parents thought it would be good if I had dual citizenship, which I retain to this day. But that’s a whole other story.) I’ve lived in California, Washington, Alaska and Oregon — everywhere on the West Coast except Mexico.

Currently, I live in the Portland area, with my DH and two (mostly) lovely kids. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, except maybe Alaska. But the DH is a City Boy, so Portland’s about as “wild” as he’ll get.

I do love it here, though. And yes, that includes the weather. It’s not as bad as the rest of the world thinks (shhh — don’t tell anyone!!). In fact, in the summer, it frequently gets too HOT and too DRY, and no one has AC because none of us remember, from year to year, that this is what happens.

I also wish it snowed a tad more in the winter, but hey, nowhere’s perfect. (Blah, blah, blah, shoveling snow. See above, where I mention living in Alaska — can’t help it — it’s in my DNA.) This is pretty damn close, though. Five minutes from rolling farmlands? Check. Barely an hour to not one but two mountains — not to mention the one hundred percent PUBLICALLY OWNED and gorgeous Oregon Coast? Also check.

Then there’s the museums, the culture, the incredible microbreweries (and coffee houses — must NOT forget those!), the wine country. And who could forget Voodoo Doughnuts?? Or, gasp, Powell’s?? In fact, since I like me some exercise, it’s a fairly easy walk from one to the other.

Yep. This is a great place to live, work and write. You may be jealous now. 😉