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Spread the Word – DEBRIEFING THE DEAD $0.99 Sale


Here are a few pre-written Tweets you may wish you share. (Feel free to edit/add you own feelings about the book!)

  1. https://twitter.com/kerryblaisdell1/status/1302953495645925377 (click to RT my version, or copy-paste from below)

    Debriefing The Dead is on #sale for #99cents – why not give it a try? Or gift it to someone else! http://bit.ly/DTDRFQ #books #BookRecommendations #award #gold #fantasy #MondayMorning #wrpbks #RomanceReaders #AwardWinning #romance

  2. [more coming soon… check back later today or tomorrow  :)]

Here are some images you can share on social media to help promote the $0.99 sale during the week of September 7-13, 2020. Please link them back to the links BELOW EACH IMAGE. (Right click on the photo(s) you would like to download/use.)

DTD Sale Graphic 1

Link for the photo above ^^^: https://kerryblaisdell.com/debriefing-the-dead-is-on-sale-tag/ (shortlink: http://bit.ly/DTDTAG)

DTD Sale Graphic 2

Link for the photo above ^^^: https://kerryblaisdell.com/debriefing-the-dead-is-on-sale-super/ (shortlink: http://bit.ly/DTDSUPER)

DTD Sale Graphic 3

Link for the photo above ^^^: https://kerryblaisdell.com/debriefing-the-dead-is-on-sale-rfq/ (shortlink: https://bit.ly/DTDRFQ)

DTD Sale Graphic 4

Link for the photo above ^^^: https://kerryblaisdell.com/debriefing-the-dead-is-on-sale-ksq/ (shortlink: http://bit.ly/DTDKSQ)

Is there anything else I can provide to help you? Just email me at kerry AT kerryblaisdell DOT com.