Kerry’s Author Promo Stuff

Hi there! If you’re viewing this online, you probably (hopefully??  ;)) saw an email or social post from me about the high engagement in my Facebook reader group Kerry’s Kindred Spirits, during and after my recent release day party:

Note: The number at the top-left is the ACTIVE members – out of 655 at the time the screenshot was taken!!! This is literally due to the party, BUT with more takeovers and regular giveaways, it should stay relatively high.

As I said, I’d really like to KEEP that engagement level, so with that in mind, I’m hoping to have author takeovers in the group, at least a couple of times per month (more, if there’s interest).

What do you get out of it? 

  • Access to 660+ VERY engaged readers (if we keep the momentum going!!!), whose favorite genres are Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction, but really, any/all genres are welcome (except erotica/erotic romance). 
  • Free promo for your takeover event in my NL (6000 subscribers with relatively high open rates – see below) and on my socials (as time allows…  :)).

How does it work?

  • You sign up for an available Friday of your choosing (if you want to do a special day, or a bigger release day party, just email me! I’m open – I just thought Fun Fridays would be an easy way to start  ;)).
  • You post in Kerry’s Kindred Spirits as many times as you want throughout the day, and offer as many giveaways as you like. 
  • No time constraints, but you must offer at least one giveaway, or what’s the point?  :)

What else?

  • Nothing! That’s it! Unless you have questions, in which case, email me (see below)! 

Lastly, I’ve got openings all year long for free spotlights in my reader newsletter. I have roughly 6000 subscribers, and generally get open rates from 1500 to 2000 each mailing. My NL readers are skewed more toward UF/PNR (unlike my reader group, which has a bit wider variety). BUT, that said, I’ve promoted authors who write everything from Women’s Fiction to Historical Romance to non-romantic Sci-Fi, and had very good click-throughs, so basically any/all genres are welcome (except erotica/erotic romance).