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Three years ago, a lifelong dream came true for me. After decades of writing, I finally earned my first publishing contract, for DEBRIEFING THE DEAD (click here for blurb, reviews, etc.). This wasn’t the first book I wrote, but it’s most definitely the book of my heart – the one I wrote FOR ME, because I wanted to, not because I thought it fit some preconceived “market need.”

A few months later, in May 2018, it was finally released into the world. I didn’t know what to expect – heck, I didn’t even know what genre to call it, or if anyone other than my family and friends would read it. Trepidatiously, I sent it out to a few reviewers, and then waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, the first review came back – FIVE STARS. And then – another one! And another! And then the book began winning awards – in nationally-recognized fiction contests, including the Royal Palm Literary Award, InD’tale Magazine’s RONE Awards, and most recently, the Reader’s Favorite Fiction Award. Another dream come true – people WHO DIDN’T KNOW ME loved my book baby!

And then, in March 2019 an even BIGGER dream came true. I was at work (I’m a math teacher  :)), five minutes before the bell would ring to start the day. I had been getting calls all morning on my cell from an unknown number, and noticed they’d finally left a voicemail. I decided to check it quickly – OMG. It was Hanna Rhys-Barnes from Romance Writers of America, telling me I MIGHT want to call her back, because she MIGHT have some exciting news for me. I still tear up, thinking about it! I ran outside to the bus loading zone and with shaking hands, dialed her back. It was true – DEBRIEFING THE DEAD, my DEBUT NOVEL, was a RITA® Award Finalist. (I didn’t win, but I don’t even care! Just being a finalist – with a first book – is HUGE!)

Now, I have a chance for DEBRIEFING THE DEAD to hit a Bestseller List – another lifelong dream. After two years of trying, I was finally selected for a BookBub Featured Deal (thousands apply, and only a few are selected). It goes out this week, and no matter what the final results are, this will likely be the biggest sales week for the book since it debuted. (The number of subscribers for this list, Supernatural Suspense, is just under 1.5 million!!!)

So, I need your help! I can’t do it without you – and I will be forever grateful, and will return the favor if and when you need it. Swearsies!!  :)  Now, I’m off to start refreshing my sales rankings every ten seconds or so for the next several days.  :)  I’ll report back and let you know how we did. Until then – one final time – I appreciate your support, and am so grateful to have you all in my corner!!



I’m speechless! DEBRIEFING THE DEAD earned a Bronze Medal award in the 2020 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards!!!2020 Reader's Favorite - Debriefing the Dead


And… PUBLISH OR PERISH earned an Honorable Mention in the Romance – Suspense category!!!2020 Readers Favorite - Romance - Suspense


I’m a little overwhelmed right now, but I had to share.  :)  Much needed good news, in these unprecedented times!

Now, off to more “virtual teaching” – overwhelming in a much less pleasant way!!!  :)

Happy September!

Wonderful Review of PUBLISH OR PERISH from Long and Short Reviews!

I’ve been editing like a madwoman (book three of The Dead Series!), and got behind on posting news. And this is WONDERFUL news!!! PUBLISH OR PERISH was recently reviewed by Long and Short Reviews, earning 4.5 stars overall!! And (*gulp*) the reviewer had this to say in summing up:

“Impossible to put down, and an absolute thrill to read. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her work!”

Needless to say, I’m flying!!!  :)

WAKING THE DEAD is a Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist

Waking the Dead CoverI’m SO excited to announce that WAKING THE DEAD is following in its Big Sister’s (DEBRIEFING THE DEAD‘s) footsteps  – not only did it make it to the 2020 RONE Finals for Best Paranormal: Long, but I just learned it’s also a Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist for Best Published Fantasy!

Sadly, BOTH those awards ceremonies are in October.  Maybe by then, my fingernails will have grown back (from all the nail biting  ;)) and I’ll be able to hobble down the Virtual Red Carpets with no cast, and no boot, completely under my own steam! (I had foot surgery a couple of weeks ago – 2020 is the year that Just. Won’t. Quit!!!!!  :))

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Hope your summers are going well!

Time to Vote in the 2020 RONE Awards!

Please consider voting for WAKING THE DEAD in the 2020 RONE Awards (Paranormal – Long category)! I’ve earned the 4.5 star review, but I need YOUR help to get into the final round! It’s an easy process – really!

      1. If you’ve never voted before (and therefore need to create an account), I made a cheatsheet for the process, which is the hardest part:
      2. Once you have an account (or if you voted previously, and already have one), vote here:
      3. And as a thank you for voting (even if it’s not for my book… :)), you can enter my RONE 2020 Amazon $20 Giveaway here:

Thanks so much for considering!!  :)

WAKING THE DEAD is a 2020 RONE Nominee

Waking the Dead Cover

I’m so excited to announce that WAKING THE DEAD has been nominated for InD’tale Magazine’s 2020 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Awards, in the Paranormal – Long category! (This is the same category that DEBRIEFING THE DEAD won last year – talk about pressure!!!) Unfortunately ;), this means I’ll be begging for votes in the Reader Voting Round, which runs May 18 through May 24.

But right now, I’m just happy dancing and drinking virtual champagne while self-quarantining. (Side note: The silver lining in all this madness is that I have FINISHED the first draft of DAMNING THE DEAD! I’m editing it now, and will turn it in to my editor as soon as I can. Fingers crossed that it may come out later this year!!!)

Australia Burns: Anthology to Benefit Wildfire Relief

I’m late announcing this, but this project is very near and dear to my heart! An author friend in Australia, who is also published by The Wild Rose Press, had an idea that if a few authors would donate short stories to an anthology, we could raise money for much-needed wildfire relief. That idea blossomed into 48 authors donating stories (including me!), which turned into this three-book anthology series, with all publishing and editing also donated by TWRP!

What does all this mean? It means if you buy any of these books, 100% of the author/publisher proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross, with the funds earmarked for wildfire relief, restoration, and prevention. The stories are all amazing, and all authors are donating 100% of any royalties.

The most money goes to the Red Cross if you buy direct from TWRP. However, shipping is very expensive (due to costs that TWRP has no control over), so here’s an Amazon link also. Just know that the ‘Zon will take a cut of the profits – no donations from them!!  ;)  And if you’re not a “print person,” ebooks are also available, from all major etailers (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3).

Please consider enjoying these amazing stories, while reading for a good cause!

(P.S. My story is in Volume 3 – a rom-com that still somehow manages to be about Death! LOL!!  ;))

PUBLISH OR PERISH Wins 1st Place in the Reviewer’s Choice Awards

Thanks so much to all who voted for PUBLISH OR PERISH in the above award! Due to your amazing efforts, it won First Place for its category under the Romantic Suspense umbrella. So THANK YOU so much – I really appreciate it!!

Also, WAKING THE DEAD took 3rd place in its category, while The Dead Series came in 2nd in its Paranormal Series subcategory. So thank you for all your efforts – I wouldn’t be here without your help!!

P.S. Stay tuned for a big announcement, about a project very near and dear to my heart, coming soon…!  :)