Updated Giveaway Schedule

Due to a scheduling conflict, I’m changing the order of my upcoming COUNTDOWN TO RELEASE DAY MADNESS giveaways. The next giveaway will launch on TUESDAY 4/10, and will be for a brand-new print copy of Life After Death by Sharon Saracino. Be sure to check my Facebook page FMI.

Here’s the revised line-up for all my upcoming giveaways:

  • 4/10-4/11: Life After Death by Sharon Saracino (Paranormal Romance – new print copy)
  • 4/19-4/20: How the Duke Was Won by Lenora Bell (Historical Romance – AUTOGRAPHED COPY)
  • 4/28-4/29: Dogged by J.L. Wilson (Romantic Mystery-Suspense – new print copy)
  • 5/5-5/7: Debriefing the Dead by ME (SQUEE!!!) (Paranormal Adventure/Romance – TWO WINNERS – one will get an AUTOGRAPHED print copy, the other will get one digital copy from the e-tailer of your choice!)

Happy Sunday!



One month to Release Day!

And I:

1. Got up at 4:00 to head to the airport, leaving the mild, Spring-sprung NW for 20’s-30’s and snow in the Midwest.

2. Drove RIGHT OVER a downed powerline, coming out of our neighborhood (thank God for tires, because – DUH – the power was out and we didn’t see it until we were right on top of it)!

3. Am now sitting in the airport, waiting to board, sipping Perrier and contemplating the merits of peeing on land vs. the hassle of dragging all my stuff to the bathroom and back. It’s probably worth it, right? *lesigh*

Happy Saturday/30 Days to Go!!!


To celebrate that MY book is FINALLY being released (on May 7, ICYMI!!! SQUEE!!!), I’m launching my second FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY. Head on over to my Facebook page for more info, and to enter to win a print copy of Demon Lore (A Demon Huntress Novel) by Karilyn Bentley.

This giveaway closes at 8:59 PM PDT on MONDAY APRIL 2, but if you missed it, never fear — I have FOUR MORE giveaways planned:

  • 4/10-4/11: How the Duke Was Won by Lenora Bell (Historical Romance – AUTOGRAPHED COPY)
  • 4/19-4/20: Dogged by J.L. Wilson (Romantic Mystery-Suspense – shrink-wrapped print copy)
  • 4/28-4/29: Life After Death by Sharon Saracino (Paranormal Romance – shrink-wrapped print copy)
  • 5/5-5/7: Debriefing the Dead by ME (SQUEE!!!) (Paranormal Adventure/Romance – TWO WINNERS – one AUTOGRAPHED print copy & one digital copy from the e-tailer of your choice!)

I hope this Easter/Passover/What-have-you season finds you well! Thanks for being here to celebrate with me!



DEBRIEFING THE DEAD will release on…

…May 7, 2018!

Yes — you read that right. MAY. SEVENTH. Remember when I thought I had LOTS of time to prepare for this exciting day?? Yeah, it’s in… (*checks countdown on own website*) …THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS. Squee!! I’m already up for pre-order on Amazon – squee again!!!

To celebrate, I’ll be hosting weekly giveaways on my Facebook page, so be sure to head on over and “Like” the page/follow me, so you don’t miss the fun. Also be sure to sign up for the VOML (Very Occasional Mailing List) — just by being an “existing” subscriber, you’ll automatically get TWO entries into each giveaway contest!

I have to get back to reading the final-Final-FINAL draft, one LAST time (eek!!) to make sure it’s perfect. But to tide you over until it’s out, would you like to read the excerpt?? I can do that!

Here it is.  🙂

To Anachronise Or Not, That Is The Question

So I’ve been writing my butt off (or rather, ON, given all the sitting I’ve been doing), getting up at 4:30 a.m. on weekdays, just to have some quiet, focused time to myself. It’s amazing what I can do, when all the active extroverts I live with are still asleep.

But I digress. The point is, I am determined to finish ALOS, and I basically have (go me!). I really just have the post-climactic scene and the final wrap up chapter, and I’m DONE. Probably tomorrow, as we’re going to the coast today.

But one thing that’s been slowing me down is the need for historical accuracy, or better – authenticity. In particular, I hate reading a book where the language is too modern. But sometimes, it’s difficult to track down a word, and know if it was commonly used during the era I’m writing about.

Luckily, there are some great resources out there, especially the Online Etymology Dictionary, which is always my first go-to when I have any questions. But they aren’t as good for phrases, and even some words. Or they’ll give a word’s history, but it isn’t clear that it was commonly used at the time.

Even more luckily (for me, at least) my story is set in Oregon at the turn of the 20th century. And UofO has an AWESOME resource, of basically EVERY NEWSPAPER EVER PUBLISHED IN OREGON, from 1846 on. ALL DIGITIZED AND SEARCHABLE.


Apart from the general rabbit holes I can go down, reading about all the insane “cures” they used to recommend for various “female conditions,” I can type in a word phrase, choose my date range, and le voilà! If it was in common usage at the time, odds are good it will show up in one of the papers. If not, there’s my answer, and I’d better think of something else.

Neither resource is foolproof, and sometimes, what was common back then can’t be used today (for example, terms for non-whites of the time, which are clearly derogatory and unacceptable now). But less clear cut are the word choices, or sentence structures, that may have been the norm for the times, but which now only sound confusing. Or words that have changed meanings. Or concepts that didn’t exist in fully fledged form, but which require inclusion in the story for whatever reason.

So the sum of all this musing is that accuracy and authenticity are important. But sometimes, a single anachronistic word can save a paragraph of explanation.

What do you think? Do anachronisms make you blow a gasket? Or are they okay, if not overdone?

Wild Genius

As a busy author/teacher/mother/wife/trying-to-be-an-individual-also, I haven’t had much time to read of late. But I love listening to audiobooks, and I love the classics, and I especially love the classics when they’re written by women. #shepersisted

So having read Jane Eyre (by Charlotte) a long time ago, I got curious about the “other” Brontës, and decided to try Wuthering Heights by Emily, followed by The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne.

I had tried to read WH once before, but didn’t get into it for some reason. Listening to the audiobook, however, was much better. Still, of the three, I have to say TOWH was the one that truly resonated with me, and struck me as ahead of its time in terms of feminism, yada-yada. It was just such an unusual book, and it made me curious about its author.

Which led me down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, and then down the library rabbit hole, and then I checked out this book (affiliate link):

Dude. It’s 1000 pages long, NOT counting indices, pix, bibliography, etc. I’m not even exaggerating. But OMG it’s fascinating!

Fortunately, it’s also available in e-book. My hands are very grateful, as the library version is of course a hardback, that I’ve been referring to as The Tome. I literally had trouble holding it up while trying to read last night.

But still. A thousand pages. Even on my Kindle, that’s a lot to wade through.

It will be worth it, though. What a fascinating bunch of women! It’s hard to imagine what they went through, purely for the sake of creating, and being taken seriously in a “man’s” world — to the point of using pseudonyms, just to get published.

On the other hand… Despite the #metoo movement, and all that’s been going on, no women directors were nominated for a Golden Globe this year.

In 2018.

Two hundred years post-Brontës.

WTH, world?


Who are the women who have inspired/are inspiring you? What makes you persist in the face of seemingly unsurmountable obstacles? Please share — I’d love to know!