Award-Winning Paranormal & Cozy Mystery author Tena Stetler takes over Kerry’s Kin TODAY!

I’m happy to welcome author Tena Stetler for a special takeover TODAY in Kerry’s Kindred Spirits! Tena is celebrating the release of her new paranormal mystery/romance, SECURITY FORCE OF TWO:

Candle leaves the CIA for a quiet life in her small town in the Colorado Rockies. Miacoh is former Special Forces returning home to settle his grandmother’s estate. Old secrets surface and a murder complicates the situation.

Hope to see you in the group!

Help DAMNING THE DEAD & BURYING THE DEAD hit a bestseller list???


DAMNING THE DEAD and BURYING THE DEAD are both on sale for $0.99 right now. And did you know – if only a fraction of my readers bought the books today (March 3) through Sunday (March 5), there’s a great chance they’ll hit bestseller lists on Amazon???

(If you read on a non-Kindle ereader, the books could even make it to a national bestseller list!)

That may not seem like a big deal, but when a book climbs the ranks, Amazon shows it to more people, which makes it climb the ranks more on all lists – it’s really an exponential function! #mathteacher  ;)

You can’t even get a black coffee for $1.98 most places now, and books last a LOT longer than coffee! #obvious  ;)

As a small press author, I need readers like you to spread the word about my books. If you already own them all, THANK YOU. You’re awesome, and I so appreciate it! :)

But if you haven’t bought them, and could find it in your heart to try them now (for less than $6 for the WHOLE SERIES), that would be amazing. Or if you know anyone who might enjoy them, please forward this email or share this link:

I would be so grateful for your help! Thank you!!!

BURYING THE DEAD Release Day Party Grand Prize Giveaway

21 Days of Authors Countdown

Have you found today’s Secret Code by checking my Instagram?? And have you unlocked the corresponding cell, and posted your entry for today’s Daily Giveaway (which is ALSO an entry into the Grand Prize Giveaway) in the comments of this Facebook post??? No?? Well – why the heck not??? LOL!  :) 

Every day is a new prize – gift cards, free ebooks, and more! And even if you post late, your entry still counts toward the grand prize drawing for a signed print copy of BURYING THE DEAD + $25 Amazon US Gift Card! That means you could get 21 entries into the final drawing! So, what are you waiting for???  :)

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I can’t believe it’s finally here! What a challenging journey this has been – I wish I could blame the long time between book two and this one on the Pandemic, but it’s only partially responsible. :) However, I can tell you I’m already super close to finishing book four, BURYING THE DEAD, so the wait should be MUCH shorter this time. :)

Meanwhile, the launch party is happening TODAY from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. PT in my Facebook reader group, Kerry’s Kindred Spirits! Thirteen authors will be hosting fun, games, and giveaways. And don’t forget to enter the Grand Prize giveaway for signed print copies of ALL THREE of my Dead Books. Click here to join the group, or see this post for details, including the AMAZING line up of participating authors. Hope to see you there! 

DAMNING THE DEAD Release Day Party!

I can’t believe it’s almost here!! Join my reader group now so you won’t miss the fun! Fourteen authors are giving away books and other prizes to celebrate the release of DAMNING THE DEAD (Book Three of The Dead Series) on January 5, 2022!

We have an AMAZING line up of authors! Here’s the schedule, if you want a preview:

Jeff D. Ellis ~ 4:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Bob Herold ~ 4:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Tena Stetler ~ 4:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Dan Rice ~ 4:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
McKenna Dean ~ 5:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Hunter Skye ~ 5:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Pamela Thibodeaux ~ 5:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Shelly Chalmers ~ 5:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
Theresa Finn ~ 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME
Augustina Van Hoven ~ 6:15 PM PACIFIC TIME
Janet Raye Stevens ~ 6:30 PM PACIFIC TIME
Anna M. Taylor ~ 6:45 PM PACIFIC TIME
Sally Brandle ~ 7:00 PM PACIFIC TIME

Hope to see you all there!!!


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